Private Investigation Services

Some of our services. If it’s not here, ask. We may be able to help.


Most of our popular services are here. But if you need something that is not listed, please contact us. We may be able to help.


When you have a contract with us, you will have 24/7 access to us if needed.

Computer checks

Do your employees spend all their days shopping online or chatting to their online friends?

Bug Sweeping

If you think your information is leaking, but can't put your finger on the leak, your premises may be bugged.


Your meetings with us will be held in a soundproofed conference room.

Insurance Cases

We can help you gather information to support your case whichever side you are on.

Court Appearances

If your case goes to court, we will act as witnesses to support the investigation we have carried out for you.

Under Cover

We can send in our staff to work in your company and secretly investigate from the inside.

Mystery Shopper

We can send in a trained mystery/secret shopper to test your sales staff.

Security Equipment

We can supply and install security equipment for you hidden cameras, software, staff...

Polygraph Testing

If you need to prove someone's innocence or prove their guilt, we can help with a polygraph test.

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